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Newt Gingrinch – The New Hitler

Hitler made the majority people in Germany believe all their financial problems was at the fault of the Jewish people.

Newt Gingrinch wants Americans to believe their financial problems come from giving away too much food stamp instead of paying attention to the US governments corruption and how they have been embezzling our tax dollars for decades.

Watch this video to see my point:

How is it possible that the people are applauding? Is that how much hate they have in them? Are non of them Christian?

What will happen if he takes office? Do you sincerely believe our country would be headed in the right direction? I personally believe we’d become a circus. Please comment.

Woman Killed for giving Birth to a Girl

Afghan police: Man kills wife for giving birth to daughter instead of son

By Nematullah Sarfraz, for CNN
updated 9:02 AM EST, Tue January 31, 2012

Kunduz, Afghanistan (CNN) –

Police in the northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz are looking for a man they say strangled his wife after she bore him a third child that was not a son.

Sher Mohammed, 29, married his 22-year-old wife, Storay, four years ago, police said.

The couple had three daughters, the last of whom was born three months ago, said Khanabad district police chief Sufi Habib.

After the youngest daughter was born, Mohammed blamed his wife for not being able to deliver a boy, Habib said. ”Finally on Saturday, the man, with the help of his mother, first beat the woman and then strangled her to death,” the police chief said.


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New York mothers have to Chose between their Job and their Child’s Health

New York City Workers Deserve Paid Sick Days

By Sherry Leiwant
WeNews commentator
Friday, January 20, 2012

1.5 million New Yorkers face a terrible dilemma when they or their child become ill. That’s because they have no paid sick days. 

Your 2-year-old wakes up with 104 degree fever and trouble breathing. You are due at work at 9 a.m. but you know you must get your child to the doctor or an emergency room immediately. What do you do? 

For the fortunate among us, there isn’t any question.

You call your employer, explain the situation and take your child to the doctor, or you call your employer and say you’ll be in as soon as you recover from your stomach flu.

But for about one and a half million working New Yorkers–and 40 million workers nationwide–the choice is not so easy, because they do not have a single hour of paid sick time to use when they or a family member is sick.

The burden falls especially hard on low-income working moms, who often work in job sectors with the least paid sick time–retail and food service.


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