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He Raped as a Teenager and Now Works to Stop Sexual Violence

This story is amazing and I hope more people step up and understand what a HUGE issue this is in our society.

Johannesburg (CNN) – Dumisani Rebombo is no ordinary advocate for women’s rights in South Africa. He is a rapist.

He is a rapist who sought out his victim two decades after his brutal act to ask for forgiveness.

He is all this in a nation where sexual assault has become so common that a woman in South Africa is more likely to be raped than learn to read.

Sexual assaults rarely shock anyone anymore, though a video of abrutal gang rape of a mentally disabled teenager went viral on the Internet last month. That touched a nerve.

As the young suspects face their day in court, Rebombo spoke with CNN to tell his own story — an extraordinary tale of violence, redemption and determination to change things in his homeland.


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