Lipstick Revolt Mixtape is here! Female rappers from around the country on one mixtape! #WOMENEMPOWERMENT


From Brooklyn, NY to Orlando, Florida and back to the Nationals Capitol, Washington, D.C. Lipstick Revolt is proud to presents its Volume 2 mixtape of talented rappers. Art work by Zsudayka Nzinga, shows different elements of hip hop and a proud woman holding its spirit. That image is basically the energy of what you will hear from the beginning to the end of this mixtape. You hear female rappers speaking on their perspective of love, life, and mainly Hip Hop. People keep asking where are the female rappers are and this mixtape is the response. Just the tip of the iceberg, we hope this mixtape opens peoples eyes to the talent that exists in the music world and starts to use this platform as a way to support.


Check out track listing and social media:
Artwork by: Zsudayka Nzinga

1. Karma- Little Sister
karmathakonciousqueen (IG)

2. Sitcomlife feat. She Real, Dave Al- Good Love
sitcomlifebrown (IG)

3. Miss Red- Live It (site) therealmissred (IG)

4. Mychelle Lee- Spaceship 2.0 (site) mychellexlee (IG)

5. E-turn – Feel Free (site) eturnmusic (IG)

6. Nicole Learner- Teacher Teacher
never_forget_cole (IG)

7. Miss Gray feat. Renegade & Kelly Kells- Revolt
missgray301 (IG)

8. Ms. Reign- Boom, Boom, Clap
reignproduction (IG)

9. Uptown Shane feat. Philander- Shane of Rage
uptownshane_lmsc (IG)

10. Cristalis feat. Tamika Love Jones- Prepared
cristalis202 (IG)

11. Eve- Funk with Me

12. Kenilworth Katrina- She Said
kenilworth_katrina (IG)

13. Ashley Sierra feat. Chase Ultra- OG (site) ashleys0345 (IG)

14. She Real- Living Single
sherealtalk (IG)

15. Mana- Time (site) theSecretofMana (Twitter/IG) SecretsofMana (Snapchat)

16. Opal Rose- Strange Fruit (produced by Triple Threat)
opalsnroses (IG) trethreat (IG)

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