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Lipstick Revolt

On Saturday, December 28th there will be a Lipstick Revolt in Washington, DC. Right off the Green Line’s U-Street/Cardoza Stop Tropicalia, located at 2001 14th St. NW, will be hosting an event that highlights amazing women.

The Lipstick Revolt will consist of 4 hours of non-stop interactions including a networking session, panel & discussion, and amazing DJs & performances. Make sure you mark your calendar for an amazing event that supports an amazing cause, creating balance in the world.

Lipstick Revolt is a women empowerment organization set to create balance and understanding between men and women. By highlighting and supporting the women in a community, it creates respect and a cycle of love for one another.

On December 28th, 2013 you will meet amazing women and amazing men who support and work together to make a better surrounding for the future.

Get your early-bird tickets:

Women of Evin: Ward 209

Jila Baniyaghoob is a freelance reporter and editor-in-chief of the Web site Kanoon Zanan Irani (Iranian Women’s Center), to which contributors inside and outside Iran provide news about women’s issues.


The Women Who’ve Transformed A Mars Rover Into A Sassy Social Superstar

NASA is no stranger to social media. The space agency has been actively working to reach out to the public over the Internet for quite some time now. But NASA seems to have reached its high point so far in social media when it comes to the Mars Curiosity rover. The rover’sTwitter feed currently has over 930,000 followers, and its Facebook page has over 250,000 fans.

One of the things that makes these pages so engaging and popular is that they’re written in the first person.Curiosity, it turns out, has quite the brassy personality. She litters her twitter feed with pop culture references, tweetspeak, and a bold attitude.


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Stocks Perform Better when Women on Company Board

Companies with women on their boards performed better in challenging markets than those with all-male boards in a study suggesting that mixing genders may temper risky investment moves and increase return on equity.

Shares of companies with a market capitalization of more than $10 billion and with women board members outperformed comparable businesses with all-male boards by 26 percent worldwide over a period of six years, according to a report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, created in 2008 to analyze trends expected to affect global markets.

The number of women in boardrooms has increased since the end of 2005 as countries such as Norway instituted quotas and companies including Facebook Inc. (FB) added femaledirectors after drawing criticism for a lack of gender diversity. The research, which includes data from 2,360 companies, shows a greater correlation between stock performance and the presence of women on the board after the financial crisis started four years ago.    

“Companies with women on boards really outperformed when the downturn came through in 2008,” Mary Curtis, director of thematic equity research at Credit Suisse in Johannesburg and an author of the report, said in a telephone interview. “Stocks of companies with women on boards tend to be a little more risk averse and have on average a little less debt, which seems to be one of the key reasons why they’ve outperformed so strongly in this particular period.”


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How to be Successful: Sheryl Sandberg

(CNN) — Facebook’s decision to file for public status last week means its No. 2 executive, Sheryl Sandberg, might be worth as much as $1.6 billion. According to Forbes, that would catapult her just below the seemingly untouchable Oprah in the ranking of the richest self-made women. She won’t have much company: Only 7.5% of the major earners at America’s Fortune 500 companies are female.
The many media profiles of Sandberg all seem to be asking the same question: How did Sheryl do it? How did she get the confidence to perform so well at such a high level?
And perform she has. According to The New York Times, she took Facebook from 70 million users and no business model to profits reaching $1 billion on $3.7 billion in revenue in just four years.
Sandberg’s own mentor, Larry Summers, ignited a firestorm in 2005 when he wondered publicly whether one reason women weren’t achieving at the highest levels in the sciences was a lack of biological aptitude, particularly for math. Before long, he was ousted from his position as president of Harvard — not officially for this reason — and the nation was abuzz about women’s lack of parity in so many fields and forums.