Dj Earth 1ne

Who is She?

She is one of DC Hip Hop’s best kept secrets, is a native Washingtonian who grew up
in a family of musicians. Inspired by the constant burst of piano music and bass kicks
surrounding her, she became an employee at MetaTracks Studios and became heavily
involved in the DC Hip Hop scene. In 2001 she coordinated “When Worlds Collide,” a
platform for underground emcees, b-boys and b-girls to display their personal stories
which featured as a part of Art-O-Matic in Washington, D.C. She hosted weekly open-
mic nights at Harambe Cafe, and was a part of the underground Tru Skool, now known
as one of the most authentic Hip Hop open-mics in the DC area. DJ Earth 1ne is the
first female Deejay to be inducted by KRS-ONE into the Temple of Hip Hop. DJ Earth
1ne had the opening set for the 2012 DMC Washington DC Regional DJ Battle on
Friday, April 27th. She has performed throughout the United States and has worked
with numerous artists, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, KRS-ONE, DJ Jealousy, King Britt,
Immortal Technique, Lone Catalysts, Akir, Jeru, Enoch the 7th Prophet, Culture
Cypha, Just Ice, Busy Bee, and Wise Intelligent and a host of others.

Her artistic work culminated into activism on women’s voices in the sound industry
in the summer of 2008, when she provided the sounds for H.B.O.’s Brave New Voices
International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, and more recently as a guest DJing for All
Girl Radio on 88.9 WEAA (The Audio Infusion) and Women’s History Month on 89.3
WPFW (Soul Controllers Da Cipher). You can find her keeping active now working on The Pro-Seeds Project helping to fight Prostate cancer, or on her blog, “Tone Scientitzt Music Blog”