Nia Keturah

Who is She?

Nia Keturah was born March 7, 1991 in North Carolina, she was raised in the Maryland area. She developed early on what’s called a twisted tongue, a severe speech impediment. Her vocal communication was limited to only a handful of people who could understand her; her mother, brother, and younger sister. She spent six years in intensive speech classes to correct this issue. Her childhood was filled with sandboxes and misunderstandings. These experiences directly effect her present need to be understood.

Nia decided to attend Spelman College in 2009. She would go on to meet her major collaborators Spencer “Savvy Society” Charles and Charles “Wino Willy” Coperning at Spelman’s brother school Morehouse. Savvy would be one of the first to encourage Nia’s unique rhyming style. Their friendship served as the foundation for Nia’s early recording work. In the spring of 2012 Nia made the difficult decision to leave Spelman to focus on her art full time.

September 2012 Nia released her first mixtape; The Missed Education of Denise Huxtable (MEDH). She would continue on to a quick release of her next project; 7 vol. I. 7, a collaborative effort with Bahiri “Hiri Humana” Mattiex went on to receive much praise for it’s single “Control”, featured on blogs like and 7’s success also landed Nia her first showcase. Nia performed as part of Miss Ls’ R.A.W. series at the legendary SOB’s.

In March of this year Nia released her lastest effort, Po Lil Black Girl. The album garnered praise from, Yours, The Toronto Star, as well as the UK’s Guardian. The Guardian placed Nia in their revered column “New Band of the Day” Po Lil Black Girl also caught the ears of the UK’s Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 1, and France’s Le Mouv.

Nia is currently meditating on her next project, Selah, due out this spring.