Rae Shine

Who is She?

Rae Shine® also known as Aurorae Dye was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. When she was four-years-old, her family moved to Germantown, Maryland (MD), which is located just north and west of Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD. Germantown was and still is a culturally-diverse urban community. At an early age, Rae loved to sing, having a knack for harmonizing. Growing up, Rae was exposed to all genres of music from classical to rock, pop, r&b, and rap. However, rap and hip-hop music by Wu-tang, Tupac, Mobb Deep, No Limit, UGK and Jay-Z were especially cogent forces. Other major influences upon Rae’s music were her childhood friends who were very talented, freestyle and battle rappers. They would hang out and flow for hours competing for the top emcee spot. Music always surrounded her and she studied hip-hop like it was school work. Hip-Hop was a way she could relate to people. They would always be surprised at her knowledge of the game and ability to recite lyrics from many different emcees. During her teens, Rae wrote poems to express her inner feelings while dreaming of being a famous rapper.

In 2001, a fellow co-worker gave her the first pointers in writing her own songs. She joined a group called Millennium Renaissance. With 3 other group members, she wrote positive music to change the world and to bring spiritual awareness to people. After a couple of years, she became a solo artist. Over the years she worked her way up the corporate ladder and pursued only music part-time. But music was a force she could not deny.

From 2006 to 2011, she became an entrepreneur, owning 2 tattoo shops. They had a great run but through divine intervention and the economy, they had to close. Although this was one of the hardest times in her life, she realized it was time to stop “putting off” her dream and “go for it.” Now she is pursuing music, acting, modeling and film production full-time, but with a purpose: to share her testimony with others, that God is the way for a better life. Released 01-15-13 on Amazon, ITunes & Spotify, is Rae Shine’s debut Hip-Hop Album “Vision Quest” where she worked with Da Knox Productions from North Carolina and House Studio & Urban Intalek from DC. Also in early 2013 Rae Shine® linked up with a local Movement and Label Lucky 7 Music Group or (L7MG), whose main star is Tricky Dice. Now with a team and force behind her, she is working on her next project, which will be a mixtape or sequel to the album. Rae Shine’s underground, edgy yet commercial sound is sure to surprise and take the music industry by storm.

Links: raeshine.com